About Us

We consider Trade Bench to be an essentials business tool for connecting like for like businesses in their specific industry, offering them an opportunity to hire out workers into similar businesses for a short-term or as long as needed. We see our role to increase the business opportunity for smaller businesses and increase the cost efficiency of larger businesses, helping them both increase productivity and profits.

At Trade Bench we are developed a tool for business, to support business growth. We are at a stage of adding businesses, but we are open to feedback on how this tool could help you. We are in a BETA release, we are adding businesses to the Trade Bench tool as well as taking constructive feedback from the businesses that are signing up.

You can sign up through the Trade Bench web site http://www.tradebench.com.au/users/register

or contact Austin with feedback on:


Austin Wright

GM – Australia

+61 404 575 878

Austin @ tradebench.com.au