Trade Bench Q & A:

At Trade Bench we recommend using either Google Chrome or Firefox bowser.


Q. Do I need to signup for Trade Bench app?

A. Yes, Trade Bench is business service for Licensed Trades, anyone signing up from

Trade Bench will be verified against their trade license provided on signup.


Q. How do I signup for Trade Bench?

A. From web page select Subscribe, this will take you through to the to the signup process.


Q. How long will it take from signup to verification to be able to use the Trade Bench service?

A. This will usually be within a business day.


Q. Is there a charge for using the Trade Bench service?

A. Yes, Trade Bench is a business app, and there is a combination of a monthly subscription and fees based on services used on the service.


Q. How will I be contacted when using the Trade Bench App?

A. As part of the signup process you will input an email address and contact number. Emails from Trade Bench will be via that email address and emails to peer businesses on the Trade Bench app will include that contact number. This allows the conversation to start, check scope of work and rates.


Q: I have added myself under ''my employees'', but I could not use the same email address I used for the sign-up. Can I use my personal email address so that I can complete the submission? 

A: The email address used under ''my employee'' to add an employee needs to be unique for each employee added. This email address is only used for the setup of an employee on your account.

The email communication from Trade Bench members will be sent to your email address used when signing up for Trade Bench. This is email address is the only point of contact from other Trade Bench members.


Q. Does Trade Bench handle invoicing or escrow for funds?

A. No, Trade Bench app allow you to offer out yourself, or workforce to other trades in your industry sector. You can hire-in a worker from trades in the same industry sector. You can offer projects for expressions of interest and apply for projects other trades in your industry sector.


Q. Can an employee be temporarily made not available from the Trade Bench Service with deleting the employee?

A. For each employee there is a switch within the Edit Employees page to turn the employees status as ‘’Not available’’. This allow the employee to be temporally remove from Trade Bench service. Once the employee is available again, turn the ‘’Not available’ setting to off.


Q. What hourly rate should I charge out my employee for on the Trade Bench service?

A. For each employee an hourly rate can be set, this rate will be based on  the rate for the employee that allows the business to cover the costs.


Q. I’m not getting emails from Trade Bench?

A. If you do not receive any email from Trade Bench, please check your SPAM/Junk folder for the email address used for the sign-up for Trade Bench service?


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