Why Connect

Trade Bench is a network of licensed trades for licensed trades

With a Real-time schedule of available trades

Trade Bench for Owner operator:

  • How do you earn money if there are no jobs booked in?
  • How do you take time off and still earn an income?
  • What happens to your business if you’re sick or injured?
  • What happens if you have too much work? Do you say no?
  • Do you book it in weeks down the track?


Trade Bench will back you up

  • Connect to a network of professionals in your trade on real time schedule
  • Check online to see who’s available for immediate hire
  • Availability is viewed on a live schedule
  • Share your availability in real-time with your industry peers
  • Hire in or hire out, for an hour or a day.
  • Keep busy through the quiet periods, Hire yourself out to your peers
  • Hire your peers to help get the job finished
  • Take some time off and still earn an income
  • Take on extra work with temp workforce until there’s enough for a full timer
  • Hire help from a professional with the knowledge or licence you don’t yet have
  • An immediate workforce that already has their own van, tools and insurance
  • Need a helping hand from an apprentice or a labourer
  • Connect with Trade Bench

Real-time alerts to your mobile device for activity on your network



Trade Bench for people managers:

  • How many wasted labour hours in a day?
  • How much of lost turnover and inconvenience if a worker calls in sick. The jobs for the day would probably be postponed, cancelled or spread out to other workers. One lost day could amount to many hundreds or thousands in lost revenue   


Trade Bench will back you up

  • Manage employee’s real-time availability from the office or in the field
  • A business tool to help reduce wasted time costs
  • No need to reschedule customers if someone calls in sick, find someone immediately
  • Make time for employees to have RDO’s and time off, have their work covered by contractors with all the skills and tools you’ll need
  • Find new projects
  • Connect with extra workforce with real-time availability by location and skills
  • Share your workforce to a network of professionals for an hour or a day
  • Keep apprentices and good employees working during a down turn in work
  • Reduce costs by hiring out employees to other companies like yours and avoid wasting wages when work is quiet
  • Use our Terms and Conditions to ensure your payments