Why Choose Us

Increase a small business opportunity to grow

There are many small businesses around Australia that are limited by the amount of jobs or projects they are taking on, in business it is better to be realistic and understand what you can and cannot do. With this tool it will now be possible for a smaller business to take on more projects or bigger projects, bring in short term personnel when the extra projects have to be completed. Without the overhead of having to pay wages or laying of staff once the projects seem to slow down, the leased in worker will return to their parent business and continue to operate with them.

Reduce unemployment

Trade Bench as a business tool has the ability to reduce unemployment and that is what we are striving to achieve, keeping workers in jobs a lot longer and business being able to stay in business and complete jobs with a little bit of help. We created Trade Bench to help business grow and allow workers to retain and grow their skills.

Stabilises employment within a business

Businesses will be able to find a balance of their service with peace of mind of hiring other equivalent trades to and from other reputable businesses, who may be going through a quiet period; now enabling this business to increase productivity and reduce income loss.

Increase productivity

There will be an increase in productivity as well as the number of projects or jobs that are being taken on board by the smaller businesses. There will continue to be efficiency as workers will be required for short- or long-term projects and not hindered by the fear of unemployment.

Decrease labour cost risks

Cost pressures on business can be lifted during quite periods and we know our business tool is perfect to connect with companies with the same intentions. While larger businesses can afford to retain staff during slow periods, trading and lending workers to a business that needs extra help finishing projects can assist themself getting back on the job and still making a wage as jobs are getting completed.